Ccaa Arte y Amistad

The big day is coming! We are very happy to be able to open our artistic workshops this 2021.
With the new modalities in the face of COVID-19. It is a big step for the CCAA to recover our students who are now part of our community. We encourage them to take full advantage of their lessons. Welcome … We are waiting for you.

Anaconda Choir

Director: Maria Helena Amorim Schoeps. Affiliated since 2001 to the Wallonia-Brussels Choral Federation “A Coeur Joie” and supported by the Maison de l’Amérique latine, the ANACONDA choir has been directed since 2003 by Maria Helena Amorim Schoeps, a musician of Brazilian origin. ANACONDA likes to collaborate in different artistic projects with the aim of financially supporting social actions in several countries of Latin America and Europe. Since 1996, the ANACONDA choir has brought together amateur singers of about fifteen different nationalities. With the main aim of making known the richness of the musical and cultural heritage of Latin America. His repertoire reflects the mixture of indigenous, Luso-Hispanic and African races, characteristic of Latin American peoples.


Pol Antoine: Saxos-Flutes – Olivier Antoine: Guitar-Piano – Yves Antoine: Drums-Percussions – Tanguy Thoveron: Bass

At the crossroads of different musical cultures, it is by merging acoustic instruments of several origins with more current sounds that TRIGAL finds its particularity. The quena and the zampoñas go a long way with the keyboard and drums-percussion, joining the saxos to mingle with the guitar and bass. TRIGAL then goes through a palette of musical colors and rhythms, in particular by crossing off cuban sound, Brazilian samba or Chilean cueca …: a mixture of South American atmospheres and European influences that encourages openness and discovery.